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the myth

November 22, 2008

The myth is rich of those symbols that rule the human constructed reality of the human earth.   It is a cultural instrument for construction. Construction of answers to fundamental questions in life that will run deep in the core of the human unconscious. It is a human creation meant to sustain the created reality. 

An unfair reality for most and women. 

Like in greek patriarchal mythology when a young voluptuous woman, is raped and later punished by a jealous old mother, who do we think is she? a silk hair martyr or an empty vain bitch? There are so many interpretations of Medusa, the gorgon or female monster (for those who fear castration), but the most popular in the post greek-roman culture have something in common, they teach women an important lesson: no matter our attributes we will always be mistaken.

Its a gash but some think-less possibilities are:

Medusa deserved to be raped and punished cause she was so vain. Medusa accepted the rape and the punishment upon her without any struggle for justice. For Medusa it was a punishment to become a powerful woman as if you can’t be loved by any man, you are worthless. Medusa hates all beings she is to be feared. Athena the perfect resentful mother made Medusa ugly as a punishment, being ugly to the male gaze is a punishment. But even with that horrible punishment Medusa was dangerous to Athena, she was still a rival, all women are rivals. Medusa is finally upset and her rage becomes so uncontrollable that Athena’s duty is then to assist the male hero Perseus to kill the powerful Medusa to fix her mistakes, because she can’t do it on her own… etc… etc… 

A depth deconstruction could be made but now I just want to think of her like helene: “look at the Medusa straight on, she is not deadly, she is beautiful and she is laughing”….


obama’s thrill

November 8, 2008

I’m sick of them! all those filled with hope comments about the black messiahs… I’ve stayed away from all the election madness happening in the US, as I do with everything that shines in the pop culture spectacle. But I kept on running into it, I don’t even want to write about why this show is all wrong! while worldwide the ngo beasts and others enjoy the congolese pray, it is dead and they are really enjoying it.


November 8, 2008

why is so hard to believe that a normal, prepared, whatever woman would prefer to stay at home for the baby’s first years? A woman should go right back to work for her independent self to remain intact, why should one be running off from place to place to meet the demands of everyone around, self, baby, partner, feminist friends, relatives, and macho strangers? however this goes in both directions: why there are bad mothers who abandon their children for self driven desires of work? Why they have to finish beyond exhaustion to meet their needs and the needs of their babies?

what ever we decide we’ll be judged for.

indeed our diversity should be respected but first in this fucked up world we need to create the space where every woman, child, animal, being would have a choice other than slave work.

the pornographer

November 4, 2008

never imagined that i would ended up with a pornographer, didn’t recognized those subtile signs! at this point I was wondering if clarification would make sense, but it does at least he now knows what I think of this part of his and I’m sure that in a tinny little corner of his world without conscience he wonders something about it.

there is hope for him, he has some spirit de finesse…  though 

he has always thought so high about himself that he had to share the new “discovery” to his friend (whose perspectives I don’t know but for sure being his friend something they share.. being a pornographer as something to be praised?) and then they started chatting about feminism… “it is an old discourse  -or worst:- behind every great man there is a great woman, so women really rule the world but from the backstage…” ahg!

I shall not comment as when history is renamed we only perpetuate its power… lets deconstruct instead!

i hate the world… can’t help it

November 3, 2008

There are children that have lost everything, little souls trapped in and empty cage where they cannot even see an opportunity as such because life has lost its meaning such a long time ago! and it is so sad to see them going with all that energy in resilience to fall back again into that misery and pain, it happens all the time as in their moment anything is better than reality. Life has no value. No one cares. 

A good friend told me that the “I hate the world” position paralyzes any movement from within and out but in this moment I can’t help it. This will move as flying again.