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something more to hate the world

December 22, 2008

ever since maia was born my fears about the world we have created haunt me in my dreams and actions… don’t think its normal, but as it is, revolts around the sanity-insanity limits within the real.¬†

something real:

after a 10 hr flight with my 13 moths old girl got harrased by a federal police “officer” without any claim to his perverd mind but to hook up… a pure bastard! I defended myself ¬†cause not once I ever feared police but this time I thinking of hail with a false charge away from my daugther left me in frustration tears while the criminal was at my suitcase touching my undies and smiling when searching for “something”…

and now i think about all those girls and women that unlike me have had a different luck, or live a life where they have to deal with police criminality and harrasment every single day… it really sucks!