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maiti nepal

October 21, 2009

girls and women trafficking most be one of the most horrific human rights violations, but as anything else in this world it is a crime that a very few would pay for, leaving behind millions of victims destroyed… we cannot think of peace until the day everywoman is respected for being such!


obama’s triller

October 21, 2009

Been reading about some of obama’s heroic actions…

he is really quite something: did the preparations for the colombian pentagon,

gave a 150 million dollars loan to the illegal coup d’etat leaders in honduras…

(as the thrown elected president threatened to destroy the international pharmaceutical giants in the country by going generic)

continued with torture and killing activities in Guantanamo,

braved palestinean authorities to quiet up the american arms shipment he authorized for the gaza attack ,

continued the war in pakistan and afganistan over control for the opium market,

oh! ¬†and he also won the novel peace price…

the world sucks