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maiti nepal

October 21, 2009

girls and women trafficking most be one of the most horrific human rights violations, but as anything else in this world it is a crime that a very few would pay for, leaving behind millions of victims destroyed… we cannot think of peace until the day everywoman is respected for being such!


obama’s triller

October 21, 2009

Been reading about some of obama’s heroic actions…

he is really quite something: did the preparations for the colombian pentagon,

gave a 150 million dollars loan to the illegal coup d’etat leaders in honduras…

(as the thrown elected president threatened to destroy the international pharmaceutical giants in the country by going generic)

continued with torture and killing activities in Guantanamo,

braved palestinean authorities to quiet up the american arms shipment he authorized for the gaza attack ,

continued the war in pakistan and afganistan over control for the opium market,

oh!  and he also won the novel peace price…

the world sucks

September 2, 2009

toddler tantrums

August 26, 2009

I thought it would be harder, but after last week tantrum peak everything cooled down a heap!

my well headed tempered little toot became  so annoyed by this world that was falling apart on

desperation… “she is spoiled” daddy said, “or is it all that breastmilk”

i think she is growing up and needs the acknowledgement of her own feelings and drives

to be able to become

but by no way it is easy to cope with the agency in a rush

sometimes frustrating others annoying

specially if you have to deal with the talks form people around, such a heavy load that

probably will interfere with your best you to handle the situations…

Came across with this email written by a “psychologist” to all parents on how important

a good spank on time is to avoid children to become a criminal of some sort… ahhhh it is soo sad to read “professional” works on the discipline by fear strategy, as sad as the “cry out” for sleep or the “15 min one side then the other” on breastfeeding… my feelings is that everything is related in a way for society to continue functioning, the spectacle consumption society who needs empty beings to be filled up with goods… I know this is such a huge conclusion without much content, but i guess it can be figured out… is not that hard to imagine, at this moment in the world  there is people that lacks everything, and people that is so shallow that nothing can cure… the gloominess  that prevails goes back to our beginnings, maybe we should pay more attention into that… children, toots, babies should be granted with the benefits of a full human agency…


May 25, 2009

even the most wonderful daycare sucks… as what ever the father does will never truly be enough

and then again patriarchy is to be blamed, I don’t know maybe is about the wrong people in a 

beautiful place, the load of work as for us has brought upon boredom and desinterest

the new stroller

May 11, 2009

I’ve carried her all this time so close to my skin…

while walking in the oblivion of this world we merged into the smells and sights of the branches, leafs upon us

time passed… and the impossibility of my framework – we should be able to grow to- split what used to happen, what used to be…

nothing changes the joy of feeling your becoming

but i can not help it, i will miss your proximity

never had someone so close to me, to you…

coal by audre lorde

April 4, 2009

is the total black, being spoken 
from the earth’s inside. 
There are many kinds of open 
how a diamond comes into a knot of flame 
how sound comes into a words, coloured 
by who pays what for speaking. 

Some words are open like a diamond 
on glass windows 
singing out within the crash of sun 
Then there are words like stapled wagers 
in a perforated book—buy and sign and tear apart—
and come whatever will all chances 
the stub remains 
an ill-pulled tooth with a ragged edge. 
Some words live in my throat 
breeding like adders. Other know sun 
seeking like gypsies over my tongue 
to explode through my lips 
like young sparrows bursting from shell. 
Some words 
bedevil me 

Love is word, another kind of open. 
As the diamond comes into a knot of flame 
I am Black because I come from the earth’s inside 
Now take my word for jewel in the open light.”


March 26, 2009

can’t remember childhood without you, carrots shakes a tender way 

the only one with time to listen, to really care … I feel weird 

you will always be with me

breastfeeding glam

March 25, 2009

Was reading this post about an article of some woman downsizing breasfeeding to a glam-show off-snuff  display, and I got so upset, maybe cause to me breastfeeding has to do more with a continuing natural connection nothing related to whom anyone ever has to say. But today I saw what the woman was talking about, the hipper mom breastfeeding and smiling like a fool to every single thing that was not even said, going organic and attached beyond the limits of sanity… even I felt a side… however  breastfeeding is not to be blamed for fundamentalism, it is consumerism that has found  a great market in the “save the earth and yourself  moms”, exploiting all those desires of  this model “type” of mom to their full potential.  To this point I can understand the author left out feelings, but why she had to jump into all of that medical stuff, when most of  what science offers is divided male dominated crap, sorry to say it like this but you have to be really stupid to think that cows milk is better for a human baby than her own’s mothers milk, I don’t need Bacon’s science to realize it. I don’t dig science from one side or the other, each of us mothers should try to follow our own instincts and stop the critical mouth against one and other, I will continue to promote breastfeeding cause I truly believe there is something magical about it but I will never judge or set aside to the margin the woman that has a different choice… because we are what we decide to be and if we are not then it is not a matter of choice.

women’s day

March 8, 2009

oh!  just discovered that today is “women’s day”,  because we need one day a year to celebrate ourselves, or maybe to race out our issues in 24 hrs… so cruel but someone will listen, well I really cannot say a thing cause my knowledge on the celebration is rather short. I am just hopping that this is not a valentines day where everyone but the real women get something out from it…