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breastfeeding glam

March 25, 2009

Was reading this post about an article of some woman downsizing breasfeeding to a glam-show off-snuff  display, and I got so upset, maybe cause to me breastfeeding has to do more with a continuing natural connection nothing related to whom anyone ever has to say. But today I saw what the woman was talking about, the hipper mom breastfeeding and smiling like a fool to every single thing that was not even said, going organic and attached beyond the limits of sanity… even I felt a side… however  breastfeeding is not to be blamed for fundamentalism, it is consumerism that has found  a great market in the “save the earth and yourself  moms”, exploiting all those desires of  this model “type” of mom to their full potential.  To this point I can understand the author left out feelings, but why she had to jump into all of that medical stuff, when most of  what science offers is divided male dominated crap, sorry to say it like this but you have to be really stupid to think that cows milk is better for a human baby than her own’s mothers milk, I don’t need Bacon’s science to realize it. I don’t dig science from one side or the other, each of us mothers should try to follow our own instincts and stop the critical mouth against one and other, I will continue to promote breastfeeding cause I truly believe there is something magical about it but I will never judge or set aside to the margin the woman that has a different choice… because we are what we decide to be and if we are not then it is not a matter of choice.


extended breastfeeding

March 4, 2009

this past few weeks I’ve met many extended breastfeeding moms and babies!

well only about 2 but in such diverse contexts that these encounters made me really happy .

it still seems as if we (extended breastfeeding women) are a bit afraid of what others have to say or think about it. I reached the point where I really really don’t give a damn for strangers! they can comment, make faces, piss off and I don’t even notice. but I most confess that sometimes I do feel like explaining when its someone that we will be seeing regularly, as for the new plaza friends and swimming pals… I was relieved from that pain as they do “extended” breastfeeding as well. It feels good to know that not only the people at la leche league  understand what you do in this world as it is hard enough to listen and follow your own instincts when everyone else flows in a different way…

I hope the next time the topic crosses my fingers I will be able to be totally contemplation free!


October 21, 2008

This will really be the last time, no more doctors for Maia. It is amazing every performance we have seen so far is different and useless. Most of the medical professionals in this dualistic global culture are trained to be the ones sitting in front of the other while facing they don’t reflect themselves or interact, they only make decisions arbitrarily based on what is called scientific knowledge and their own dealing with impersonal experience. We have become so dependent on others to understand or interpret our own bodies that we usually set for whatever we get from them, I learned the hard way but as everything in life on earth, it should be challenged! 

Everything began before Maia was born, at the hospital I learned everything that could occur with little babies the wrong way, from how they are supposed to latch to how you are supposed to react, I didn’t challenged anything back then cause I guessed everything would come out naturally, it couldn’t be that hard. Well it was hard, and I couldn’t find an answer or a clue to what was happening even though as seen from far away in time it was simple. Maia cried, and cried, she was suffering, I was suffering, one week later the doctor prescribed formula, I died, felt useless, she lost a bit more than 500 grams and was hungry. 

We combined the formula with breast at every “scheduled” feed, she gained weight but continue to cry, there was something terribly wrong, then I began to challenge. I’m so happy I never really listened to the every 3 hours rule as reading the net, la leche league, dr. sears, etc, I realized what was wrong. I join a local la leche league group and after a month Maia was exclusively eating from me. But there was still something wrong, no doctor would listen to me for 6 months, until we found dr. elena, who game me some pointers.

Food allergy? but she had no symptoms: blood in discharges or vomits, not even a skin rash. … well somehow I tried everything until it stopped, in the end I couldn’t even tell what was the right cure cause many things were happening at the same time… elimination diet, mature stomach, beginning of solid foods, massage, and last but not least the swedish probiotics coming from the milk of a peruvian indigenous woman living in the highest mountains around…

ada… is a bit lost

October 18, 2008

I have no idea where to begin, so many things to share

everything, but above all silence

that sort, whose voice struggles to find its way 

and here in front of the possibility 

is speechless again