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extended family…

January 12, 2009

what happened to freedom in the eyes of those who love and hate at the same time,  reclaiming patience, lots of it

plus the extra knowledge about him, things that could have been dismised as they did not need to be

all those eyes looking upon us, over exited and tired about life and its course, too many insecurities in such a small appartment a crowded place to be…


the pornographer

November 4, 2008

never imagined that i would ended up with a pornographer, didn’t recognized those subtile signs! at this point I was wondering if clarification would make sense, but it does at least he now knows what I think of this part of his and I’m sure that in a tinny little corner of his world without conscience he wonders something about it.

there is hope for him, he has some spirit de finesse…  though 

he has always thought so high about himself that he had to share the new “discovery” to his friend (whose perspectives I don’t know but for sure being his friend something they share.. being a pornographer as something to be praised?) and then they started chatting about feminism… “it is an old discourse  -or worst:- behind every great man there is a great woman, so women really rule the world but from the backstage…” ahg!

I shall not comment as when history is renamed we only perpetuate its power… lets deconstruct instead!