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September 1, 2009

today was her first stay without mom in the classroom… the teacher came to see me once just to say that she was doing great: “running around with her new friend”, it gives me a very strange feeling to see Tara so little (two in a few days) getting into her first glimpse of this world…

i searched for a special kindergarden, hoping to find something on the waldorf or montessori line, but around this part of the world i found very few alternatives and they were not available cause of distance, age or time… in the end we had to settle with a “regular” place… where toots in a class do the same things, under the same directions…

she is now enjoying the interaction with other little ones… and will come here only for 3 hours a day, for 3 months…before we move, but i’m still worried that this time will be enough to shut her brave spirits and tempered head! the problem worsens when i talk about this worry and no one seems to understand… i go for a lunatic… which i much rather be!  but then I hit the reality at work (with street children) and there i enter an existential contradiction that can’t be avoided!

babies, toots, children are so magical, so precious


something more to hate the world

December 22, 2008

ever since maia was born my fears about the world we have created haunt me in my dreams and actions… don’t think its normal, but as it is, revolts around the sanity-insanity limits within the real. 

something real:

after a 10 hr flight with my 13 moths old girl got harrased by a federal police “officer” without any claim to his perverd mind but to hook up… a pure bastard! I defended myself  cause not once I ever feared police but this time I thinking of hail with a false charge away from my daugther left me in frustration tears while the criminal was at my suitcase touching my undies and smiling when searching for “something”…

and now i think about all those girls and women that unlike me have had a different luck, or live a life where they have to deal with police criminality and harrasment every single day… it really sucks!

obama’s thrill

November 8, 2008

I’m sick of them! all those filled with hope comments about the black messiahs… I’ve stayed away from all the election madness happening in the US, as I do with everything that shines in the pop culture spectacle. But I kept on running into it, I don’t even want to write about why this show is all wrong! while worldwide the ngo beasts and others enjoy the congolese pray, it is dead and they are really enjoying it.

i hate the world… can’t help it

November 3, 2008

There are children that have lost everything, little souls trapped in and empty cage where they cannot even see an opportunity as such because life has lost its meaning such a long time ago! and it is so sad to see them going with all that energy in resilience to fall back again into that misery and pain, it happens all the time as in their moment anything is better than reality. Life has no value. No one cares. 

A good friend told me that the “I hate the world” position paralyzes any movement from within and out but in this moment I can’t help it. This will move as flying again.