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September 1, 2009

today was her first stay without mom in the classroom… the teacher came to see me once just to say that she was doing great: “running around with her new friend”, it gives me a very strange feeling to see Tara so little (two in a few days) getting into her first glimpse of this world…

i searched for a special kindergarden, hoping to find something on the waldorf or montessori line, but around this part of the world i found very few alternatives and they were not available cause of distance, age or time… in the end we had to settle with a “regular” place… where toots in a class do the same things, under the same directions…

she is now enjoying the interaction with other little ones… and will come here only for 3 hours a day, for 3 months…before we move, but i’m still worried that this time will be enough to shut her brave spirits and tempered head! the problem worsens when i talk about this worry and no one seems to understand… i go for a lunatic… which i much rather be!  but then I hit the reality at work (with street children) and there i enter an existential contradiction that can’t be avoided!

babies, toots, children are so magical, so precious


toddler tantrums

August 26, 2009

I thought it would be harder, but after last week tantrum peak everything cooled down a heap!

my well headed tempered little toot became  so annoyed by this world that was falling apart on

desperation… “she is spoiled” daddy said, “or is it all that breastmilk”

i think she is growing up and needs the acknowledgement of her own feelings and drives

to be able to become

but by no way it is easy to cope with the agency in a rush

sometimes frustrating others annoying

specially if you have to deal with the talks form people around, such a heavy load that

probably will interfere with your best you to handle the situations…

Came across with this email written by a “psychologist” to all parents on how important

a good spank on time is to avoid children to become a criminal of some sort… ahhhh it is soo sad to read “professional” works on the discipline by fear strategy, as sad as the “cry out” for sleep or the “15 min one side then the other” on breastfeeding… my feelings is that everything is related in a way for society to continue functioning, the spectacle consumption society who needs empty beings to be filled up with goods… I know this is such a huge conclusion without much content, but i guess it can be figured out… is not that hard to imagine, at this moment in the world  there is people that lacks everything, and people that is so shallow that nothing can cure… the gloominess  that prevails goes back to our beginnings, maybe we should pay more attention into that… children, toots, babies should be granted with the benefits of a full human agency…