breastfeeding glam

March 25, 2009

Was reading this post about an article of some woman downsizing breasfeeding to a glam-show off-snuff  display, and I got so upset, maybe cause to me breastfeeding has to do more with a continuing natural connection nothing related to whom anyone ever has to say. But today I saw what the woman was talking about, the hipper mom breastfeeding and smiling like a fool to every single thing that was not even said, going organic and attached beyond the limits of sanity… even I felt a side… however  breastfeeding is not to be blamed for fundamentalism, it is consumerism that has found  a great market in the “save the earth and yourself  moms”, exploiting all those desires of  this model “type” of mom to their full potential.  To this point I can understand the author left out feelings, but why she had to jump into all of that medical stuff, when most of  what science offers is divided male dominated crap, sorry to say it like this but you have to be really stupid to think that cows milk is better for a human baby than her own’s mothers milk, I don’t need Bacon’s science to realize it. I don’t dig science from one side or the other, each of us mothers should try to follow our own instincts and stop the critical mouth against one and other, I will continue to promote breastfeeding cause I truly believe there is something magical about it but I will never judge or set aside to the margin the woman that has a different choice… because we are what we decide to be and if we are not then it is not a matter of choice.


women’s day

March 8, 2009

oh!  just discovered that today is “women’s day”,  because we need one day a year to celebrate ourselves, or maybe to race out our issues in 24 hrs… so cruel but someone will listen, well I really cannot say a thing cause my knowledge on the celebration is rather short. I am just hopping that this is not a valentines day where everyone but the real women get something out from it…

gender equality

March 8, 2009

for some strange reason I continued to read some of the gender-environmental reports linked to a UNDP source, all these projects placing women under the race to achieve gender equality while reclaiming technology and other things that have been given, they have a very cynical scope… 

a woman has serious issues if continue to believe that gender equality will bring about the answers to every unjust matter on earth. Both gender equality and gender inequality are ruled by the same patriarchal principles which enable violence and destroy diversity. And then who assumes that all of men conditions are the desirable goal to attain for a woman is more than feeble, we should model and be the model of our own desires, dreams and realities. 

Equality as under the patriarchal staggering is useless to a woman which survival threatens the prevalence of the male absolute freedom.

but then again all the discourses around equality are relative to the diversity of the one woman reality, we can not think for all cause as our  beginnings are the catalyst of so many distinct roads.


March 5, 2009

finally i found a proper alternative for us…

a place where babies play with artists and musicians without the harsh of separation, and without the anxiety for the others. a friendly open doors place where parents are welcome anytime any day. there is no secrecy 

however i keep on thinking that a baby doesn’t need extra daycare, we mothers and parents have been commercialized to the point where we believe that our own resources and caregiving skills are never enough, never.  to raise full happy persons we strive contact from the others those who are specialized masters of  stimulation… crap! 

I like this choice because is not essential, they don’t claim to be that way, they accept and encourage the primacy of the essential relations and they stay on the margin to be just a little hand for when mom needs some extra voice.  

oh well this is all theory lets see how it turns out while on praxis..!

extended breastfeeding

March 4, 2009

this past few weeks I’ve met many extended breastfeeding moms and babies!

well only about 2 but in such diverse contexts that these encounters made me really happy .

it still seems as if we (extended breastfeeding women) are a bit afraid of what others have to say or think about it. I reached the point where I really really don’t give a damn for strangers! they can comment, make faces, piss off and I don’t even notice. but I most confess that sometimes I do feel like explaining when its someone that we will be seeing regularly, as for the new plaza friends and swimming pals… I was relieved from that pain as they do “extended” breastfeeding as well. It feels good to know that not only the people at la leche league  understand what you do in this world as it is hard enough to listen and follow your own instincts when everyone else flows in a different way…

I hope the next time the topic crosses my fingers I will be able to be totally contemplation free!


March 4, 2009




so many things have happened while swimming in the river, maia’s  first camping trip ended up in a stinky diarrhea…

which despite all its messiness, it affects the worst her mood, as if she knew it was contagious even though she is smiling, dancing and watching,  she does not want to be touched, kissed, hugged etc… unless its done from a reasonable distance, I feel so attached to her and for the first time she is not in the mood for sweet motherly loovee… it aches a little!    

maia in her own world! ahh!

extended family…

January 12, 2009

what happened to freedom in the eyes of those who love and hate at the same time,  reclaiming patience, lots of it

plus the extra knowledge about him, things that could have been dismised as they did not need to be

all those eyes looking upon us, over exited and tired about life and its course, too many insecurities in such a small appartment a crowded place to be…

something more to hate the world

December 22, 2008

ever since maia was born my fears about the world we have created haunt me in my dreams and actions… don’t think its normal, but as it is, revolts around the sanity-insanity limits within the real. 

something real:

after a 10 hr flight with my 13 moths old girl got harrased by a federal police “officer” without any claim to his perverd mind but to hook up… a pure bastard! I defended myself  cause not once I ever feared police but this time I thinking of hail with a false charge away from my daugther left me in frustration tears while the criminal was at my suitcase touching my undies and smiling when searching for “something”…

and now i think about all those girls and women that unlike me have had a different luck, or live a life where they have to deal with police criminality and harrasment every single day… it really sucks!

the myth

November 22, 2008

The myth is rich of those symbols that rule the human constructed reality of the human earth.   It is a cultural instrument for construction. Construction of answers to fundamental questions in life that will run deep in the core of the human unconscious. It is a human creation meant to sustain the created reality. 

An unfair reality for most and women. 

Like in greek patriarchal mythology when a young voluptuous woman, is raped and later punished by a jealous old mother, who do we think is she? a silk hair martyr or an empty vain bitch? There are so many interpretations of Medusa, the gorgon or female monster (for those who fear castration), but the most popular in the post greek-roman culture have something in common, they teach women an important lesson: no matter our attributes we will always be mistaken.

Its a gash but some think-less possibilities are:

Medusa deserved to be raped and punished cause she was so vain. Medusa accepted the rape and the punishment upon her without any struggle for justice. For Medusa it was a punishment to become a powerful woman as if you can’t be loved by any man, you are worthless. Medusa hates all beings she is to be feared. Athena the perfect resentful mother made Medusa ugly as a punishment, being ugly to the male gaze is a punishment. But even with that horrible punishment Medusa was dangerous to Athena, she was still a rival, all women are rivals. Medusa is finally upset and her rage becomes so uncontrollable that Athena’s duty is then to assist the male hero Perseus to kill the powerful Medusa to fix her mistakes, because she can’t do it on her own… etc… etc… 

A depth deconstruction could be made but now I just want to think of her like helene: “look at the Medusa straight on, she is not deadly, she is beautiful and she is laughing”….

obama’s thrill

November 8, 2008

I’m sick of them! all those filled with hope comments about the black messiahs… I’ve stayed away from all the election madness happening in the US, as I do with everything that shines in the pop culture spectacle. But I kept on running into it, I don’t even want to write about why this show is all wrong! while worldwide the ngo beasts and others enjoy the congolese pray, it is dead and they are really enjoying it.